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My Ears Jangled!

My ears jangled, Miss Penny speaking. I kid you not, I thought they might fall off. I knew Susan was going out because she put lipstick on. I did my forlorn trembling act, and it worked. She said I can come. I heard the car mentioned, you know how I feel about the car, but that’s better than being alone. I only whined a bit. We pulled up at this place called a garage and Susan handed her car keys to Darren the mechanic. I’m not too keen on men, they have big boots.

Can you see my ears jangling?

A bit dodgy I thought and I was right this man drove off in our car and disappears. Quite unperturbed, Susan just sat down and I’m freaking out. I peer round the corner into this massive dark dirty garage place that smelled funny. You’ll never believe this but our car is way up in the air balanced on a massive pole and Darren is twirling the wheels like a toy. Really, I thought, I’ve heard Susan refer to ‘men and their toys’ but that’s usually her sons with motorbikes and boats. And then it happened, the loudest screeching, buzzing, whining noise I have ever heard coming from the wheels. My ears jangled, my head vibrated, and I could feel my ears coming away from my head, I tried to get Susan’s attention, this is a disaster that man was destroying our car. Psst! On second thoughts, no car, no car rides, that’s okay. Suddenly it went quiet and the car disappeared again. Darren handed Susan the keys and there it was like magic in the parking lot. I happily jumped in the car, that doesn’t happen often, and Susan said she was pleased to have the snow tires on. Snow!

Oh, here comes the evil eye. It’s all about me today…I like that.

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