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My Morning Walk!

Please come down. I want to play.

Yeah! Miss Penny speaking, I have finally hit the jackpot during our early morning walk, early because of the heat (May heatwave here in Ottawa) and boy is it hot. Can you imagine walking around in a fur coat when it’s 40c, that’s what I have to do. I’m not complaining. Psst! well, yes I am but don’t tell Susan, I don’t want her to get the idea that I like the groomers. Okay, back to the walk. So, here I am trotting along, sniffing away and then (some epic music would go well here) I see them, three of them, two grey and one black  right in front of my eyes, I couldn’t believe my luck. There they were

That’s not fair. Where are you?

walking on the path. I stopped and studied the situation and weighed up my options. Should I creep slowly towards them, give them a gentle sniff so they know I’m friendly or take them by surprise and pounce on top of them, but pouncing might scare them? I decided to lie on my tummy and creep slowly towards them, giving Susan the look of ‘don’t-you-dare-pull-my-leash’, she got the message. I smiled, yes, dogs can smile, as I crept forward and made a friendly sound in my throat. They stopped, really, they all stopped and stared at me. Now, my heart is beating a mile a minute, they’re waiting for me to say hello. And… without warning, poof, they were gone! Gone, disappeared, I couldn’t find them anywhere, not even in the tree. I do not understand squirrels! No manners! And Susan’s no help, she just says, squirrels are afraid of me. Me! Sweet princess, Miss Penny. Huh!

What’s that? Oh, what’s Susan been doing this week? That is a good question, as to be frank I have seen little writing going on. She seems to work very hard with marketing The Blue Pendant she’s working with Amazon and gathering reviews. I had no idea how important reviews are to authors; it makes an enormous difference to the book’s ranking on Amazon and when the ranking is good Amazon promotes the book. I was even more surprised when Susan told me very few readers bother to leave reviews. Amazon doesn’t allow authors to ask for reviews, they get quite snippy about it but I can ask, I’m a dog so they’d never know…hee, hee. So, if you like Susan’s books, or not, please take a minute and write a review. Maybe then Susan will help me play with the squirrels. 

The Sackville Hotel Trilogy – Ebook Box Set      Click here for details  

She defies Edwardian protocol. Avoids marriage, but loves twice. Anna’s epic story of a strong woman’s determination and courage spans two continents and three decades.

Classic trilogy, historical, family saga, from the drawing rooms of the Edwardian era to ruthless spies of the 60s Cold War.

The latest Susan’s Reader News came out this week. If you didn’t get a copy click here and if you’d like to receive it in your Inbox click here. Issued 3 or 4 times a year.

New release…… Believing Her Lies – A Lavender Cottage Book (3)  Kobo and Amazon  

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When Love Ends Romance Begins 


Other books – See details Susan’s Books

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Remember Ruins in Silk? The prequel to The Sackville Hotel Trilogy.

Well, it is also the prequel to Prelude to Sophie’s War, young Sophie in Ruins in Silk has grown up, left The Sackville Hotel and her story continues in London as she trains to be a nurse.

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Prelude to Sophie’s War – A captivating historical novel of love and loss

Online retailers   Listen to an excerpt click here..YouTube 


Save Some for Me – A single mother’s memoir

Could you survive an abusive man and raise five children alone?

This was a brave, insightful, revealing, and well written book of what must be one of the hardest experiences any person can go through. The courage and grace with which you tell this story is a truly affective reading experience…….  Judge’s commentary: Writer’s Digest  

Click for the retailer of your choice.   Available in paperback or e-book.

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