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No Complaints, That’s Weird!

Miss Penny, content with her life, reports no complaints, enjoying walks and assisting Susan with her latest Lavender Cottage book, “Secrets in the Shadows,” due for release April 7th.

No Complaints, that’s Weird! 

Okay, this is really unusual, but I can’t think of anything to complain about. Miss Penny speaking. I’m racking my brain, but nothing pops up. 

Most unusual but I can’t think of anything to complain about. I’ll find something.

I’m getting very yummy dinners since Susan added chicken broth to my food. The weather is great, so we go for long walks to the park and I don’t have to wear boots, because it’s dry and the salt doesn’t sting my paws. It’s still cold enough for a jacket but that’s okay, I tolerate the light jacket. Susan hasn’t abandoned me. That means she hasn’t been out much. 

We have been working hard. As her assistant, I sit on her knee while she types. We are writing the description for the back cover of the new book Secrets in the Shadows. Did you know most writers find that difficult, because copywriting differs greatly from creative writing?

Well, I had to complain about something

Did you ask how sitting on Susan’s knee qualifies me as her assistant? Isn’t that obvious? Well, let me see. There’s the moral support, licks of encouragement plus cuddles. I’m an excellent listener and I never answer back; no debates or arguments. My approval is almost always forthcoming. The only exception is if she gets mad and uses bad words, then she gets a very stern look of disapproval. Psst! I maybe a dog but I understand what ‘frigging’ really means.

Anyway, with my dutiful assistance, Secret in the Shadows Book Five of the Lavender Cottage novels is progressing on schedule.  Formatting for the e-book and paperback beings this week.

The e-cover will be released next Thursday in a special edition of Susan’s Reader Groups News and the launch date is confirmed for April 7th. Click here to subscribe.

Licks and tail wags from Miss Penny

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