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Oh no! Not the Vet!

You guessed it, next thing I know we are standing outside the Liston Animal Hospital

Oh no! Not the vet! Miss Penny speaking.

I am a smart dog with a good vocabulary, well I am an author’s assistant, and the word vet fills me with dread. I am sure I heard it yesterday but I was distracted when I realized Susan was going out. She always puts lipstick on before going out. I don’t like being left alone, so I put my sad face on and maybe tremble a bit. I don’t know why because she still goes out.

No! Not the Vet!

Occasionally I get fooled and after the lipstick she clips my leash on, that means wherever she’s going I’m coming too. Oh boy, this is exciting! I jump in the elevator, but I have forgotten about the car. I don’t like the car and at this point I had forgotten about the vet, but I sit in the back and whine, Susan tells me to stop but I cry louder. 

You guessed it, next thing I know we are standing outside the Liston Animal Hospital. I am shaking, big time, an earthquake would be proud of me. There’s a sweet puppy in the waiting room and obviously has no idea what the vet is all about. I want to warm him but we are called into this little room. Dr. Liston, he’s a nice man it’s a pity he’s a vet. He pokes me and sticks needles in me and the worst he forces my mouth open and as always says, “All those teeth!” 

I’m proud of my teeth and under-bite!

I have more teeth than most dogs. Except this time he looks closer and shows Susan something. Finally we are at the desk paying and I hear, blood work and an appointment to come back. No! Once a year is fine with me, but no one is listening and I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned in July. Ha, ha! That’ll be interesting Susan tries to clean my teeth, I just eat the toothpaste so the vet thinks he can do better.  We’ll see about that? 

Oops! I didn’t mention Susan’s writing or books, I’m too distracted but click here for the latest Susan’s Reader Group News.

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