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Remember the Sauna?

Remember the sauna article a few weeks ago? Miss Penny speaking, believe it or not, it got much worse this week which prompted Susan to get the air conditioner working in the office. I am not a happy camper. Can you guess why? Let me put it this way, I don’t mind the heat. I stretch out on the floor and stay

Cool as a cucumber!

still. That’s all I do to I keep cool and it works. This is something the two legged seem to be incapable of doing. Susan clicks away on the keyboard, she moves around the apartment doing stuff, rubbing her sweaty brow, wearing fewer clothes than is decent and complaining about the heat. I want to tell her, ‘stop it and just stay still.’ Even in my princess role she won’t listen to me. So, the AC goes on and I think great, perhaps she’ll stop the huffing and puffing and she does. But, I had not bargained for the noise, the cold and a flipping howling gale rushing through the office. I kid you not, I expected snowflakes to start falling. Hee-hee, snow in August wouldn’t that be a

I kid you not! Hot enough to roast and cold enough for snow. Miss Penny’s joking.

shock. Anyway, I am sleepy, I’ve been curled up in Susan’s arms, to keep warm, but when she starts typing it gets uncomfortable. I jumped down and stretched out on my blanket. Big mistake! First the AC gale blows up my butt, then the fan by the door ruffles my fur and that tickles. I can’t hear myself think with all the noise so I wander into the living room and encounter yet another fan. Finally I find a warm, none windy spot behind the couch. I came out from the couch today because Susan switched everything off this morning, the heat has gone. Am I glad about that.  Here comes the evil eye, a couple of writing things to announce. Susan will be emailing those of you who ordered paperback books, she received

Even after 6 years of publishing, receiving new books is awesome!

the order yesterday. After taking a survey Susan’s News will now go to every two weeks starting August 22nd. If you’d like to know more about Susan’s writing process, research or progress with new books with some exclusive audio clips and PDFs and have it delivered to your inbox.  click here for last weeks publication or Here to subscribe.

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If you like the elegance of Edwardian society, bold characters, and decades-spanning adventures, then you’ll love this historical fiction trio. New covers  coming in the next a week or so.

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