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Seriously Miffed!

Seriously miffed, I mean irrefutably, incontrovertibly, unquestionably miffed! Miss Penny speaking

Seriously miffed, I mean irrefutably, incontrovertibly, unquestionably miffed! Miss Penny speaking

…and, no, I didn’t swollen the dictionary. If you recall I am assistant to Susan the author. I don’t want to brag, but my vocabulary is superior to most canines, that’s the human part of me. I am still cute and adorable but right now I am miffed! Did you notice there was no blog last week. Can you believe that? 

And… it get’s worse.
Where is my bed? I need a nap.
My bed in the living room has disappeared

…along with most of the furniture, cupboards are empty, packed in boxes, which are piled in the office, along with lamps, tables, knitting stuff, (Susan likes to knit at least she collects a lot of yarn) and knick-knacks, I can hardly move.

And, I’m not finished.

Next a strange man arrives with cans, ladders and brushes. He starts moving, what’s left of the furniture and covers the floor with old sheets. Very suspicious?! Next, he pours this white stuff in a big aluminum dish and with a strange looking pole he starts spreading this stuff on the ceiling and walls.

Now, I’m getting antsy.

First, other than Susan’s son’s and grandsons we don’t often get strange men in the apartment so I am on guard, I need to be a canine and protect Susan. I give him a good sniff, I don’t smell other dogs but he seems nice and friendly, quiet, doesn’t say much and very handsome. Psst! I think Susan noticed too. I determine he’s okay, I’ll keep an eye on him. 

I am squished in the office

I’m still miffed, my bed is gone from the living room, I’m squished in the office, I can barely get into the bedroom, my food tray has been moved, so I don’t eat and I can’t nap because there’s a strange man in the house.

Two days without napping,

I am exhausted. Susan is more stressed than I’ve ever seen her, on the phone agitated about something to do with incompetent people and a cruise. Nothing to do with me except I’m ignored. We had freezing rain so even my walks were short. I think you will agree all those descriptors are applicable to my degree of miffed. A few pats, cuddles and sympathy would be welcome. 

Susan says I’m over reacting, what do you think?

Licks and cuddles

Miss Penny

P.S. I forgot to mention writing because there’s not much to say. Springsville is experiencing unusual break-ins including Piers boat Tranquil Days but for the most part Katie and Piers are stalled for now.

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