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Shoved into the Car

Miss Penny, a dog averse to car rides, recounts her horror of being “shoved” in the back seat, but finds solace as a detailing team revives their rattling vehicle.

Imagine my surprise when our early morning walk wasn’t a walk at all, but a drive in the car. Miss Penny speaking.

Now, you know how I feel about the car and if you don’t, you haven’t been paying attention to my blogs. 

I hate the car. It makes me nervous; it stops and starts, rolls from side to side, other cars and big trucks go whizzing by and it rattles, even groans—it’s an old car. 

I don’t mind if I can sit on Susan’s lap. Sadly, that is not allowed if she’s driving. I am shoved into the back seat. Yes, that’s right, ‘shoved’. I’m not kidding. Me, Princess Penny, ‘shoved’ like a bag of groceries. 

Oh, and there’s another problem.

Bags of groceries go on the back seat, leaving no room for me. I’m pinned in the corner waiting for a can of soup or bottle of juice to come flying out of the bag, hitting me on the head.

Is it any wonder I’m nervous?

I digress. Thankfully, today there were no groceries. We drove to the back entrance of our building and met with a detailing team.

Psst! What the heck is a detailing team? 

Don’t be embarrassed, I didn’t know either. It turns out it’s a team of car washers. Special car washers who scrub and steam clean the inside and polish the outside of the car. And, get this, they do it all from a van.

Have you ever been though a car wash at the garage?

You think I’m nervous in the car? OMG (sorry) the car wash is worse than the most terrifying horror movie. 

The detailing team from Clean Mobile Car Detailing are my best friends because I no longer have to endure the car wash.

All is well. The car looks fabulous. As good as new, and that was a challenge for our old car. Perhaps it will stop rattling now.

Licks and tail wags

Miss Penny

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