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Something is Afoot!

I know something is afoot and it has something to do with the vet. I will let you know next week. I am not happy. 

Something is a-foot, I just know it. Miss Penny speaking.

This last week has not been the best for me. I’ve been left alone in the office several times, and you know how I feel about that. Six hours on one day while Susan went for supper and to see the movie Downton Abbey 2. 

Susan is busy writing the new novel, (to catch up with Susan’s news click here) which means I don’t get as many morning cuddles. Would you believe she complains she can’t type properly with one hand. I suggest she needs more practice. Psst! That didn’t go down very well and I was thrown, yes thrown on the floor. 

Something is afoot but I don’t think it’s my feet.

And then …on Friday I was bundled in the car and driven to the vet. Again!  Susan picked me up and past me to Amanda. Psst! I was so nervous I peed, on both Susan and Amanda, Hee-hee!  Serves them right. 

Susan goes back to the car and leaves me. Yep! Can you believe that?  Amanda takes me into a big room at the back of the vets surgery. Now, I am really scared. Where is Susan? Have I been dognapped? And even worse…

I am held down and this technician gives me a creepy smile and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, this technician sticks a needle in me and draws blood. I think I’m going to die, right there. 

Suddenly, it’s all over. Amanda pats me and takes me back to Susan, I am so relieved I run round Susan and of course pee again, that’s okay because we are outside. Here’s the something is aloof come in. I listen to Amanda talking to Susan and there are plans afoot for me to come back again  for dentistry.

My treat a walk to Andrew Haydon Park Ottawa

I think Susan is trying to distract me because on the way home she took me for a long walk-in a new park. I real did enjoy the walk but if she thinks I’ll forget she’s wrong, I know something is afoot and it has something to do with the vet. I will let you know next week. I am not happy. 

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Licks and cuddles

Miss Penny

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