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Squirmy Susan & Sassy Squirrels

As most of you know, I like to be the centre of attention, but at times I am ignored; especially if Susan is writing. And she’s back, writing, that is

Squirmy Susan and Sassy Squirrels, two different things. Miss Penny speaking and I will explain.

As most of you know, I like to be the centre of attention, but at times I am ignored; especially if Susan is writing. And she’s back, writing, that is.

She balances the laptop on her knee in the living room when she’s creating. It’s something to do with separating her creativity and writing flow, which she enjoys, from the hated mundane business tasks, she does in the office.

It’s all the same to me as long as I’m on Susan’s knee.

Here’s the problem. When Susan is writing, I’m delegated to the ottoman or my bed. I am not impressed. 

It is time for me to get creative.

I gently nuzzle my way onto Susan’s lap by quietly pushing the laptop further away until there’s room for both of us. 

The black blob at the bottom is my head. I’m on Susan’s lap.

Psst! Susan squirms and wiggles and starts complaining she can’t reach the keyboard. 

It’s not my fault her arms are short!

Hum, perhaps I shouldn’t have said that. I’m back on the ottoman. I’ll try again after our walk. 

Susan’s ankle is almost healed. Now, we can walk in the park. She’s still a bit slow, which is annoying, but it gives me a chance to sniff. I can tell who has walked before me. Today I smelled Mitch, Parsnip and Sparky and a couple I don’t know.

The great thing about the park in the morning is watching the squirrels.

This time of year, they are busy collecting nuts and seeds and not paying attention to their surroundings. I can get very close. I’d really like to play, but they are sassy little things.

First, they stare and I am ready to pounce but as soon as I move the darn things run up a tree. 

Darn squirrels! If only I could figure out how to climb this tree

The tree is very tall, I can’t climb or jump and Susan’s no help. She just laughs.

Psst! I wonder if she’s related to squirrels as she talks to them.

I kid you not; she tells them not to be scared that we won’t hurt them. And that is true. I wouldn’t hurt a squirrel. Although it might be close when they tease me.

All I want is to play. It is so exciting to watch them run around the trees.

Susan just gave me a nudge. If you want to know more about Susan’s books or subscribe to Susan’s Reader News Click here.

That’s all for today folks

Doggie licks and woofs

Miss Penny

P.S. Here in Canada next weekend is Thanksgiving. We are going away and spending the weekend with Lily and Lola, Frank and Glenda’s dogs. So no blog but I will have a lot to say the week after.  

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  1. Katherine Williams says:

    Teddy’s human is delighted to hear that Miss Penny’s significant other is writing again and that her ankle is healing. Teddy is a little concerned, though, that squirrels are not being treated as the heinous little villains that they are, who would take over the world if not for little dogs to keep them in line. He has spoken to his human time and again about her bad habit of dropping nuts and other treats on the patio for the squirrels.

    1. Susan says:

      Teddy,the squirrels around here are cheeky little devils. I have to be careful what I say around Susan. So lets keep it between us that they are villains.

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