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Susan’s VERY Brief Appearance!

Susan has been reunited with her purse. You would think the mystery was solved—not a chance. Here is what happened …

Part 2 The Mystery of Susan’s Purse – Solved!

I am miffed, grumpy and confused! Miss Penny speaking, or more like chuntering. It seems spellcheck doesn’t recognize the word or I spelt it wrong. I don’t care because it’s the right word for my mood.

Susan has been reunited with her purse. You would think the mystery was solved—not a chance. Here is what happened …

Papa Pierre puts me in his truck and I sit on Rose’s knee. I like that because she gives me cuddles. You know what I think about car rides, but the truck is different.

Psst! Don’t tell Susan. Anyway, we drove to my apartment building, where I lived with Susan. I ran from room to room sniffing but not a whiff of Susan. And then I saw her purse on the table. The last time I saw the purse was at Rose’s place. How did that get into the apartment? 

I’ve searched everywhere. I can’t find her!

I was trying to figure that out when I heard noises in the hall and the door opens and this green wheelie thing comes through the door and guess who’s pushing it? Yep! It is Susan. Well, to say I am ecstatic is an understatement. First, I do a million twirls and charge up and down the apartment, then a few more twirls and I’m dying to pee. Oops! Can’t help it, just a little pee. More twirls and up and down the hall again. Susan sits down and I run to her, up on her knee.

Oh dear, I peed again. She wasn’t even mad at me. I gave her a few doggie kisses; she cuddle me and I cried a bit.

Looking a little pale. But she’s home!

Susan’s home, Papa Pierre and Mama Rose are all together. Oops! Sorry, no picture.

However, sleep time was a bit awkward. I don’t understand why we can’t all sleep in the same bed. I was up and down all night, going from Susan’s bed to Rose’s bed in the other room. I do not know where Papa Pierre was sleeping. 

Susan and Rose were tired the next morning. I was okay. I just napped from one bed to the other. The next day, I stayed with Susan while Rose went to work. I’m so happy she’s home. I’m sorry to say it did not last long and now I am totally confused. Papa Pierre came by that evening and took me and Rose back to their house and we left Susan all alone. Now, I’m worried, she can’t walk and needs looking after but she abandoned me. Maybe she doesn’t want me back? So when we visited the next day, I ignored her.

See if I care! I quit as Susan’s assistant. Here’s the website Click here for books

All for today. I’ll let you know if, and when, I get home to Susan. At least the mystery of the pure is solved. I’m grumpy so I might not quit.

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