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Unceremoniously Dumped!

Unceremoniously dumped, I kid you not, Miss Penny speaking.

You may have noticed there was no blog last week that’s because Susan was dumping me. I saw the warning signs; Susan in a panic, she does get stressed, then the suitcase was put on a chair in the office, stuff thrown into it but not actually packing. An attempt to fool me, perhaps, but I’m smart and figured it out, she was going away, but something was wrong, Susan was upset. Psst! That’s an understatement, she was a basket case, which had something to do with the filling out forms because of this Covid thing. Next thing I see my bed and blanket and food basket being packed, I start to tremble, whatever is happening is big.

If the photo is blurry that’s because I’m trembling. Something big is happening!!

My leash goes on and we struggle in the elevator with all my bags and now it’s a car ride and you know how I feel about the car. Now, I’m excited we turn into Roses’ street, I love Rose and Pierre. All my stuff comes into Rose’s house, I’m dumped into her arms and Susan disappears. I am traumatized, I even whine. Susan has gone. Rose said she’s gone to England to look after her mum. England! That’s a very long way away. I’m okay here but I’m very sad and miss Susan’s cuddles.

I’m okay Burt, is that your name? Rose is second best to Susan.

Now, I know why I’m not needed as an assistant, no writing or publishing for a while. But, Susan did say to tell you all her books, including mine, can be ordered on Amazon. 

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