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Visitors and Closed Doors

Susan never closes doors unless we have visitors.

Visitors and closed doors are disturbing for me,…

this is Miss Penny speaking, an adorable dog with a blog. Most of the time it is just the two of us, me and Susan. We live together, I guess that’s obvious and work together on Susan’s books. She has just started Book 5 of Lavender Cottage, details in the latest Susan Reader News.

Okay, back to closed doors.

Susan never closes doors unless we have visitors. You guessed it, we have a visitor, granddaughter Annabelle from Toronto. She is sleeping in the office and the door is closed, that never happens. I’ve sniffed under the door and I get Annabelle’s scent so I know she’s in there, but it’s quiet and it is ten o’clock in the morning and I can’t get in there to check things out. Very strange! Susan is working at the dinning room table and that’s okay I am curled up comfortably in my living room bed, close by incase I’m needed to assist. 

What is a bathroom-door phobia?

Some of you may know about my bathroom-door phobia …

… but for those of you who don’t, I’ll explain. When we have visitors the bathroom door is frequently closed, even a push with my paw will not open it. I think there is a secret portal in the bathroom and it terrifies me. What if Susan is pulled into the portal and disappears. If I am locked on the wrong side of the bathroom door I can’t protect her or if the worst happens I am not there to rescue her. Now do you see why I get so anxious? 

Susan is giving me one of those, ‘really!’ looks, she tells me there is no portal and the reason for the closed door is quite simply for privacy. Well, the canine part of me doesn’t understand privacy. I will say no more! 

I must get back to assisting. We have some listening to do today. Vick-Jo has narrated parts 1 and 2 of The Blue Pendant audio book and we have a few chapters to approve before we move on to part 3. Although the deadline has been extended we still hope to release Feb 1st.

Until next time, licks and cuddles

Miss Penny

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