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Visitors & Kisses

Oh boy! What an exciting week! Miss Penny speaking.

Lots of visits from my favourite people. Mind you I have a sense that something big is going on, but I do love visitors. I run around do lots of twirls get petted and cuddled with lots of loving and the best people don’t even mind doggie kisses. Psst! It’s very strange, but some people don’t like my kisses. They pull away with disgusted expressions. I have no idea why, it’s inconceivable, everybody loves me. But that’s okay, I’ll keep showing them some loving, they probably need it. 


I mentioned earlier that something big was going on.

First, among the visitors, there have been lots of deliveries. Big heavy boxes full of books. I heard Susan and Rose talking about the book launch, for those of you who might not know, a book launch is a party to celebrate the release of a new book. And, yes that would be Sophie’s last book In the Wake of Sophie’s War

However, the amount of books in our living room seems a lot, Susan’s books are very good, but that’s a lot of books. But she reminded me that she now has 12 novels, plus some nonfiction, and needs a supply a good supply. Of course don’t forget my book A dog with a Blog that’s called nonfiction because the stories are all true. 

All for now, I hope you make it to the launch, bring a friend everyone is welcome. (details below) Psst! I’d like to make this the best launch ever for my boss. 

Licks and doggie kisses

Miss Penny

Miss Penny Speaking, Susan's Readers Group