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Hello Readers, I  am pleased to meet you and if I could reach through my screen I would shake your hand or give you a welcoming hug. Thank you for visiting my website. 

I love to write and every time I pick up a pen or type on the keyboard, I disappear into whatever story I’m writing. I often become my characters, I stand in their shoes in a different time and place. I laugh, love and cry with each character. And it is always exciting. I have never aspired to win awards or contests. I write because I love storytelling and my reward is sharing my stories with you. Subscribe to me blog and/or  Susan’s Readers Group News keeps you up to date.

My blog started out with the usual talk about books and authors until my 2-year-old Shih Tzu took over and now it is Miss Penny Speaking. Every Saturday she writes a fun whimsical blog about her life living with an author. Subscribe by adding your email address in the box to your right.

Coming soon! March 26 new release!

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The release of A Lavender Cottage Book (3) – Believing her Lies – A jealous, gossiping woman almost costs Katie the love of her life.




Save Some for Me And what about you?

Could you survive an abusive husband and raise five children, alone? A heartrending story of one woman’s struggle to survive spousal abuse and, consequently, single parenthood. It is the story of undying determination to succeed and the courage to see her life culminate as the fairy tale, happily-ever-after of her childhood dreams. It has a happy ending, really; but in a different perspective.  Review from–Emily–Jane Hills Orford, award-winning author of The Whistling Bishop

Prelude to Sophie’s War

A captivating historical WW1 novel of love and loss

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E-book box set of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy


The Sackville Hotel Trilogy  

Ebook Box Set – Three complete novels

The Blue Pendant, Anna’s Legacy, Sarah’s Choice

Available from Amazon and Kobo

The Blue Pendant serialized on Youtube Episode 1 -8 

 The full list of books on My Books Page


6 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Just finished The Sackville Trilogy and really enjoyed them. I will certainly look for some of your other books. I was wonderful how you know so much about Ottawa, Toronto, etc. – then I learned you are in Ottawa – just like me for over 50 years. Thank you.

  2. I have read the Sackville a trilogy, Christmas at Lavender Cottage and just finished the Prelude to Sophie’s War. All are amazing reads and hard to put down. Well done!

    1. Karen, my apologies! Just today, suddenly your message popped up from way back in December. I was traveling to the UK at that time but don’t understand why i didn’t get your message. So sorry I missed it. Thank you for inquiring about my books. All of my books are available on Amazon, e-book or paperback and Kobo e-book, also Apple Books and Barnes and Noble.If you go to Susan’s Books on my website, the list has links and a synopsis. To make up for my tardiness I would like to send you a free e-book copy of my latest book when it is released March 26th.

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