Hello Readers,  I am pleased to meet you and thank you for visiting the home page of For The Love of fine Stories

Every time I pick up a pen or type on the keyboard, I disappear into the story and  I join my characters, settling into a different  time and place. The title of this website/blog was not chosen lightly.  I write because I love storytelling and sharing my stories with each and every one of you, enticing you into the magic of Hannah’s mysteries or Anna’s journey in The Sackville Hotel Trilogy. Please join me and step into my world of fiction and brush the world aside for an hour or two, or maybe more. 

 What do I write?

Historical fiction with some romance, either following a character like Anna through her life  journey in The Sackville Hotel Trilogy or stories of romance in later life, introducing characters as they enter their second half of life. An age, way beyond the intensity of young love, life, children and career. Seeking or preparing for a mature life style and romance with partners in their second half of life. My protagonists are usually women whether the stories are lengthy historical novels, short stories or cozy mysteries. Women of strength and courage, seeking independence, adventure and challenging the expectations of life.

My books include The Sackville Hotel Trilogy, a memoir Save Some for Me, short stories, anthologies and journals.

Full list of books on My Books Page


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