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Hot off the press! Audio book releases!

The Sackville Hotel Trilogy – All three books now available in audio

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Hello, Ladies who Love to Read

Indulge yourself, relax with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and a really good book. Disappear into the glamour of Edwardian society or the courage and tragedy of the Great War. In contrast, join Katie with an eclectic bunch of village characters at Lavender Cottage B&B, set in the charming English countryside. A touch of cozy, a slice of life, historical or contemporary, with mystery and romance. Whatever your choice, be entertained and enjoy Susan’s unique characters and charming places.

“You truly astonish me with the wealth and breadth of the stories you come up with.” Anne Grant – Institute for Writers

The Sackville Hotel Trilogy

If you like the elegance of Edwardian society, bold and passionate characters, and decades-spanning adventures, then you’ll love this gripping historical trilogy.

Sophie’s War Novels

The whole world is at war. So is her soul… If you like tough-as-nails heroines, well-researched details, and overcoming tragedy, then you’ll adore these books.

Lavender Cottage Novels

If you like emotional journeys, charming British settings, and heartwarming relationships, then you’ll devour this touching women’s fiction books.

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Her mother’s death is only the first of many tragedies young, carefree Sophie is to endure. Will her courage and tenacity be enough to survive unrequited love and one last horrific tragedy?

Prequel to both The Blue Pendant and Prelude to Sophie War – Sophie’s life journey from a young girl in Italy to a nurse in the Great War.