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Miss Penny’s Nose is out of Joint!

And then ….oh boy, this bad …Rose opens the door and I am greeted by, not one but two dogs. 

Familiar Voices in Boxes

Dogs have very sensitive hearing. I don’t admit this often, I prefer to think of myself as part human, but I am of the canine species

A Tale of Teeth

Every time I go to the vet I get this comment ‘so many teeth’, well not anymore.

Something is Afoot!

I know something is afoot and it has something to do with the vet. I will let you know next week. I am not happy. 

I hate Laundry Day!

My heart races, she’s leaving me, I hear the apartment door open and the cart trundle…

Genes, Jeans & Burying

Miss Penny plays with words and look out for Summer Reading it’s time to rest read and relax.

Happy Birthday Susan!

Here’s a funny story to celebrate, although, I did not find it that funny but Susan did.

Oh no! Not the Vet!

You guessed it, next thing I know we are standing outside the Liston Animal Hospital


Sneezes always get my attention, Miss Penny speaking

Sniffing Sensation

It has been sometime since I wrote my last blog. I am very happy Susan’s home but I miss Rose and Pierre. I suggested we all live together. That didn’t go down well. Humans don’t to have the same herding instinct as dogs. Another thing humans don’t seem to understand is sniffing.