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Hello, I’m Susan and this is my assistant Miss Penny. Here is our story…

Susan A. Jennings published her first book in 2003, a memoir but did not publish again until 2015 when her writing took off and six years later she has 10 novels and counting, plus 2 nonfiction books and many short stories.

“After I left the heartless corporate world, I found my passion to write”

I was born in Britain of a Canadian mother and British father. Both my Canadian and British heritages are often featured in my novels. I live and write in Ottawa Canada. My first novel The Blue Pendant, was inspired by my grandmother’s story and expanded into a trilogy. It is not possible to write about the early 1900 without writing about The Great War, which is why I wrote the Sophie’s War Novels.

Historical fiction can be quite intense especially during wartime. I needed a break from the intensity and began to write something more lighter and contemporary. The Lavender Cottage Novels, women’s fiction featuring romance later in life with a second chance at love. All my stories, historical or contemporary, always have a love story.

I’ve written numerous short stories and I am a regular contributor to the Ottawa Independent Writers Anthology and Black Lake Chronicles by The Ottawa Story Spinners.

On a personal note, I single handedly raised five children and I am the proud grandmother of nine. My constant companion is my Shih Tzu, Miss Penny also my author assistant.

Miss Penny’s story, started four years ago, when she joined Susan’s writing team.

Miss Penny’s mother, Leila, was rescued from a puppy farm and fostered by Susan’s friend Kathleen. Shortly after the rescue Leila gave birth to seven pups. Penny was the last pup to be born and something of a surprise. The runt of the litter, small and feisty.

Susan adopted Miss Penny when she was eight weeks old. She is an inspiration to Susan and listens to her stories without comment but with occasional lick of approval.

Miss Penny now has her own weekly blog – Miss Penny Speaking. where she discusses, humorously, what it is like to live with an author.