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I’m Here but Susan’s Still Missing!

I am staying with Rose and Papa Pierre and there are two other doggie visitors, Frannie and Rupert, but just to be clear, they are not as special as me. 

A Big Accident!

I’m not keen on the upheaval and it turns out for a good reason. It was a box that caused the big accident.

A Hero in my Dreams

At last, the visitors have gone and Susan is home and I can sleep and dream. Yes, dogs can dream. I even growl and bark in my dreams. Now I can curled up tight in my cozy bed and I dream.

Visitors and Closed Doors

Susan never closes doors unless we have visitors.

Ah! …A New Comfy Bed!

Honestly, I have died and gone to heaven. Soooo…comfy!

Miss Penny’s Nose is out of Joint!

And then ….oh boy, this bad …Rose opens the door and I am greeted by, not one but two dogs. 

Oh no! Not the Vet!

You guessed it, next thing I know we are standing outside the Liston Animal Hospital