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Susan’s Readers Group

I’m Here but Susan’s Still Missing!

I am staying with Rose and Papa Pierre and there are two other doggie visitors, Frannie and Rupert, but just to be clear, they are not as special as me. 

A Big Accident!

I’m not keen on the upheaval and it turns out for a good reason. It was a box that caused the big accident.

Pale Penny

How my black fur can change colour and make me look pale is absurd, Miss Penny speaking. 

It’s Very Steamy Around Here!

As Susan’s very efficient assistant I am stepping forward to ask you to be patient, the new version of Susan’s Reader News is coming.

Seriously Miffed!

Seriously miffed, I mean irrefutably, incontrovertibly, unquestionably miffed! Miss Penny speaking

A Hero in my Dreams

At last, the visitors have gone and Susan is home and I can sleep and dream. Yes, dogs can dream. I even growl and bark in my dreams. Now I can curled up tight in my cozy bed and I dream.

Visitors and Closed Doors

Susan never closes doors unless we have visitors.

Spinning, Boots & Coats

The boots are annoying they flap around my paws, but the snow is cold and even worse the salt stings my paws.

Insulted and Miffed

NO! Not one word! Take a gander, that means take a look, as author assistant I learn some interesting words. Seriously read it, I am not mentioned.