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Susan’s Readers Group

My Name is Bella. What?

Bella, aka Miss Penny, previously absent from the Lavender Cottage Novels, stars in Susan’s new historical story, potentially as a novel, entitled The Painting.

How Many Beds?

Miss Penny, an adorable dog with multiple beds, teases Susan’s bed antics, fears for her toy’s “baths,” and updates on Susan’s book releases and historical fiction series.

No Complaints, That’s Weird!

Miss Penny, content with her life, reports no complaints, enjoying walks and assisting Susan with her latest Lavender Cottage book, “Secrets in the Shadows,” due for release April 7th.

Kudos to the Vet

Feeling better after a vet visit, Miss Penny shares the benefits of chicken broth in her diet, works on “Secrets in the Shadows,” and mentions Susan’s book promotions.

Long Needle and Big Jabs

What is the one thing I hate more than the groomer? Yep. You got it, the vet. As if it wasn’t bad enough that I was at the groomers’ last week, I was whisked off to the vet’s this week.

What a Day?!

Susan endured a hectic week of book editing and launch planning, while Miss Penny, her assistant, dealt with a disliked chilly car ride and grooming session.

Pass the Penny

Miss Penny shares her eventful holiday season, from feeling ignored to enduring a trying stay with her pug cousins. However, she becomes the center of attention, on Christmas Day as she relishes the concept of ‘pass the Penny’.

Toys for Me?

In a humorous blog post, a dog named Miss Penny expresses her disappointment when new toys brought home by her owner, Susan, turn out to be Christmas gifts for other dogs. However, she eventually receives one, much to her delight.

Bootie Time

This morning I was happy, Susan put on my red coat and my leash and off we went for our morning walk.

It’s that Time of the Year!

By the time we got up to Carling Avenue, I was cold. At least that’s our short walk. I really wasn’t up to going to the park.