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Women's Fiction

When Love Ends Romance Begins

She swore never to let a man hurt her again. When she risks her future by opening a cozy B&B, will she give love a second chance?

Christmas at Lavender Cottage

Uncertainty plagues Katie as she struggles to keep it together and entice the man she loves, who loathes the holidays, to join her friends and family for a festive Christmas dinner.
BONUS: Christmas menus, Susan’s secret shortbread recipe and more….

Believing Her Lies

A second chance of happiness. A jealous woman’s lies and Katie’s own misgivings bring her to the brink of losing it all.

Second Chances

Blissfully married, Katie and Piers couldn’t be happier until a secret comes between them

Lavender Cottage Box Set

If you like emotional journeys, charming British settings, and heartwarming relationships, late inline romance then you’ll adore this box set of these three touching story.

Secrets in the Shadow

Katie balances her B&B with Dr. Piers’s medical clinic in Springsville, amid marital strain and a mysterious stranger stirring gossip. Their tale of rural life with captivating characters releases on Kindle, April 7, 2024.