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Blue Heron Mystery Books 1 & 2

fireworksNovember 5th is Guy Fawkes Day in Britain. He’s the guy who was part of the Gunpowder Plot intending to blow up the British Houses of Parliament in 1605. He was arrested under the House of Lords guarding a considerable amount of explosives. Grateful that the life of their monarch, James 1st, had been saved, the people of London celebrated by lighting bonfires all over London and the tradition continues even to this today, and ironically fireworks are a big part of the celebration.


BlueHeron MysteriesBK2 -300I don’t plan to blow anything up, but I do feel like celebrating and with a bang. Launched today  Blue Heron Mysteries Book 2, on Kobo (sorry not on Kindle yet) $2.99

Jealousy among artists leads to a gruesome murder, spiteful rumours and vengeful families lead to lost friendship, and tragedy. Husband Tom tolerates Hannah’s inquisitive and suspicious mind as she is challenged to solve each crime. But local Detective Brindle is not so forgiving.

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Blue Heron Mysteries by Susan Jennings

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Blue Heron Mysteries Book 1

A gruesome murder, a little girl kidnapped, puzzling thefts and illicit drugs are all crimes that sweet, curly grey haired Hannah’s inquisitive and suspicious mind is challenged to solve in Blue Heron Mysteries Book 1

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Next week: Fingers crossed, a launch date for The Blue Pendant.  More character interviews and interesting historical facts coming.

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