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Miss Penny for Sale!

A Dog Blog for Dog Lovers who Read Books

What does that mean, Miss Penny speaking? Is Susan thinking of selling me?

“Oh that’s a relief, I didn’t see that. You know Bruce, I’ve been at Rose’s house for a long time. Maybe Susan doesn’t want me anymore. Do you think she misses me?”

“Of course she misses you, Penny you are being paranoid. Didn’t you see her on Zoom this week?”

“Yes, and she called me Penny-Pen-Pen, that’s a good sign. Rose says she’ll be home when the snow has gone. I think I’ll help and promote my book. Bruce, did you hear what the cheeky squirrel had to say?

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“Ha, ha, I did and that’s funny, whoever heard of dogs climbing trees.

Really Penny, you do think of some funny things. The only thing trees are good for is lifting my leg …. oops, that would not be for girl dogs.”

“Bruce that’s rude but you made me laugh. Can you read or are you like me trying to learn? That’s okay because my book has pictures to look at, it comes in ebook and paperback. Susan tried hardcover, which would have been very posh but it was very expensive.”

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“You did well Penny, all dog lovers will love your book. Do you think I could be in your next book?”

“I think that would be a great idea. This is Miss Penny and Bruce signing off.”

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Miss Penny Speaking, Susan's Readers Group