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Susan Who?

Susan who? Miss Penny speaking

I am being naughty. Rose says that’s sarcastic, (a new word for me). Susan has been gone a very, very, very long time, so I’m pretending I don’t know who she is. Truthfully I miss her. I saw her on Zoom yesterday, and it seems she back writing as there is a new edition of Susan’s Group News and a secret I’ll tell you if you read my blog to the end. Okay, I get it, I’m expected to get to work on a new blog.

I’m quite comfy here.

Living with Rose is fun, she’s home all day, a bit like Susan on her computer most of the time, doing serious stuff, not that I’m implying writing isn’t serious. It’s just that there are no stories here so my opinion is not needed. I can snooze and play, I play a lot. I do have my toys here; my favourite ball, and Rose and Pierre play tug-the-sock.

Now, you’ll have to pardon me if I’m over enthusiastic but Rose’s house has a backyard.

I can run in and out, except when it’s -35c then I sit at the patio window and watch the squirrels, you know how I love squirrels. Mind you, the squirrels here are no more friendly than in Britannia Park, they won’t play with me. I decided to make my own game in the snow. Psst! Rose hasn’t sent me to the groomers, I’m happy about that, so I have a long flowing; a very warm, cozy coat, (Susan and I will have words about the groomer when she comes back). The down side of no groomer is I have to be brushed every day. Back to my game, with my warm coat, I like being outside and I roll in the snow, showing off in front of those squirrels. I make myself look like a snowdog. Hee, hee, get it snowdog – snowman?


No evil, eye today but I will reveal the secret!

Susan has started to outline of the third and final book in the Sophie series In the Wake of Sophie’s War this is exciting and hot off the press, for more info check out Susan’s Group News and sign up too. Oh, I almost forgot my book A dog with a Blog is on for 99c/p in the US and UK and in all markets I have reduced the price of the paperback.

To view all fo Susan’s Books go to

Miss Penny Speaking, Susan's Readers Group

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