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Miss Penny Speaking

Back to Work

I look particularly pretty and intelligent as I listen to Susan? She reads aloud so I can comment on the progress. That’s my job as her assistant.

Miss Penny Velcroed

I am miffed not a happy puppy. Oh yes, I was home with Susan, all cozy and nice, settling into my routine.

I’m Home!

So, this morning I dug my paws in and made Susan walk down the hill. Hooray!

Susan’s VERY Brief Appearance!

Susan has been reunited with her purse. You would think the mystery was solved—not a chance. Here is what happened …

The Mystery of Susan’s Purse

So, here’s the mystery. I was being cool, minding my own business, sniffing around nowhere in particular the other day, when I got very excited. I picked up Susan’s scent

I’m Here but Susan’s Still Missing!

I am staying with Rose and Papa Pierre and there are two other doggie visitors, Frannie and Rupert, but just to be clear, they are not as special as me. 

A Big Accident!

I’m not keen on the upheaval and it turns out for a good reason. It was a box that caused the big accident.

Pale Penny

How my black fur can change colour and make me look pale is absurd, Miss Penny speaking.