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Where Are You?

Where is Susan? She needs cuddles because we are all sad.

Susan, where are you? Miss Penny speaking.

Susan left to go to England before the snow and freezing rain and I haven’t seen her since. Well, that’s not quite true as I hear her voice on Rose’s phone and sometimes I can see her on the screen. Do you have any idea how confusing that is to a little dog?

I see squirrels but I don’t see Susan

Things have been sad and stressful around here and my affections are torn. As you know Susan is looking after Granny Betty. We are all sad because Granny Betty passed away on Dec 6th. I wish I could be with Susan and give her cuddles and soak up her tears with my fluffy ears. Susan says she’s okay at 101 Granny Betty had a full life right to the end. 

I was very worried about Rose because on that very same day we lost Granny Betty, Pierre was taken ill and rushed to hospital. I am glad I was here to give Rose cuddles. He’s okay now and convalescing at home. 

Christmas will be strange for all the family this year, we say farewell to Granny Betty on December 23rd which will make us feel sad but Granny Betty loved Christmas so we can celebrate in her honour.

I will close now, no evil eye today or book news. If you are looking for Susan’s books go to the Book Page for more news subscribe to Susan’s Reader News

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2022.

Miss Penny Speaking, Susan's Readers Group