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My Upside Down World!

It is a long time since Susan left for England but Granny Betty needs her so I can share.

My upside-down world, Miss Penny speaking.

It is a long time since Susan left for England and I miss her and our routine. But Granny Betty needs her so I can share. I am living with Rose and Pierre, and they have a whacky routine. 

I’m sad because I miss Susan
 Pierre works shifts so the house is awake in the middle of the night, which disturbs my sleep.

I am not impressed. I have to share the bed with two people, I remember doing that once before and I wrote about it in my book and blog, A Dog with a Blog, the story is called Three in a Bed check it out. There are some good points, three in a bed is cozy and I get lots of cuddles. There’s a backyard here so I get to run in and out, that’s fun and you should see those darn squirrels, just about as friendly as at home, but I keep chasing them hoping they will stop and play. I do play with new doggy friends and I get walks. Check out the book page

I’ll be watching for the review.
Susan sends messages.

She’s not writing at the moment as she’s at the hospital every day. If it’s anything like the animal hospital, the people are nice but they poke you about and stick needles in you. Susan says Granny Betty would agree with that, she doesn’t like getting poke about either. Here’s a picture of me with Granny Betty when she was 98 she’s 101 now. 

Granny Betty and me, waiting for cuddles.

Susan’s not here to give me the evil eye but I know it’s time to talk about her books and I want to help as much as I can. This week she’s asked me to tell that my book A Dog with a Blog is on sale this week and the new Lavender Cottage Book Second Chances goes on sale Dec 5. Learn more on Susan’s book page or Buy now

Book 4 in the Lavender Cottage series
If you have a moment please write a quick review.

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