Cabin Fever!

Miss Penny Speaking, I’m bored! Susan says we have cabin fever. Odd, because I feel quite well, no fever and we don’t have a cabin. Susan explained cabin fever is when we can’t get out of the house, like i said, same as being bored. It has been a challenging week as far as walks go. I’m cranky because the snow is too deep to walk, there isn’t a blade of grass to be found and even when I wear my coat and boots, we still don’t go far, I’ve had one decent walk all week. Susan is the problem, even when she wears her boots and coat like me, she won’t walk far. She does this shuffle like a penguin because of the slippy ice. I don’t slip or shuffle, but I have four legs and I’m only nine inches tall, not far to fall. The other day we were hovering in the laneway and I looked up at Susan, she’s a long way from the ground. I thought to myself, how do you stay upright on only two feet? But it explains why we got caught up with work. Another episode of The Blue Pendant recorded on YouTube, The Sackville Hotel Trilogy Box Set, uploaded and approved by Kobo and Amazon and Susan released the February edition of Susan’s Reader Group News.

That’s it for today, like I say boring and from the sound of the howling wind outside, it’ll be another day of slow shuffling walks. Dreaming for spring. How I yearn for green grass!


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