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Sneezes always get my attention, Miss Penny speaking

Sneezes always get my attention, Miss Penny speaking.

It usually happens in the morning. Susan gets up far too early for me, so I stay in bed while she makes coffee and clatters about in the kitchen, very disturbing. However, when she takes her coffee into the office, I know she’s about to start writing and its time for me to get up. Well, sort of, I move from the big bed to my little bed by her desk. Just as I’m drifting off it happens, this massive sound ahah…chooo! An explosion wakes me up and just about knocks me into next week, ‘what the heck was that!’ Is it possible Susan made that noise? Is she okay?

“What the heck was that?”

Susan say’s its allergies, whatever they are, some mornings it can be several sneezes in a row. It doesn’t seem to bother Susan she keeps on writing, that’s after she picks me up and soothes me. Sneezes are very worrying and traumatic for a little dog but so far Susan hasn’t come to any harm and the writing continues. Um.. well, I have to say the writing is a bit slow these days she talks about the new Sophie book but I don’t see much progress. Psst! Do you think this is what they call writer’s block?

Maybe a good sneeze would get her going!

She is researching the social history of 1918 -1922 immediately after WW1. It’s not quite as joyous a time as one might think, that is until the fun starts in the roaring 20s.

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Until next time, love, licks and sniffs from Miss Penny

Miss Penny Speaking, Susan's Readers Group