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Miss Penny Speaking, and speaking rather fast, because I am excited. You will never guess what Susan has done, she bought me a present. No, it’s not a toy or a ball, although I could do with a new ball I lost my pink one somewhere, oops like I said I’m talking too fast. Susan bought me a domain name, MissPennySpeaking .com and that means that I will have my very own blog/website. How cool is that? But don’t click yet as Susan has to build the website. Does that mean she has to go to one of those home building places for bricks and drywall? Susan does a lot of things but I’ve never seen her with a hammer or screwdriver. Actually, that is scary. Susan tells me websites are built inside laptops. Um! That’s weird, but what do I know I’m a dog, sort of. Anyway, I am very excited but it might be awhile as Susan is crazy busy selling books.

Go see her today at the Jack Purcell Centre at the Small Press Book Fair. Noon – 5 pm  320 Jack Purcell Lane, Ottawa. You can browse all her books, perfect gifts especially the Christmas at Lavender Cottage, such a warm romantic story. Yup, I’m a romantic too, and it’s packed with Christmas recipes including shortbread and there will be samples. Jungles bells, jingle bells… I am so happy I’m singing! Bye for now!


Romance and the Christmas spirit are on the brink of disaster. A troubled, prickly deceitful guest arrives at Lavender Cottage B&B just days before Christmas. A secret past has an unexpected romantic connection in Springsville. Eager to spend Christmas with the man she loves, Katie struggles with uncertainty. A missing necklace and false accusations threaten the joyful holiday, not just for Katie and her guests, but for an innocent family. Yummy shortbread recipe included!

Available at Coles Bookstore Billing Bridge, Chapters/Indigo

All online retailers 

New workshop coming in 2020 –, How to Write a Nonfiction Book for Your Business now that is changing gears from fiction.

If you are wondering about the next fiction book, it’s finished waiting for the editor, Believing her Lies another Lavender Cottage book. Katie and Piers are riddled with doubt, caused by a jealous misguided woman. I get to hear the story when Susan reads aloud, I’m working on the reading part. Bye for now!

Susan’s contemporary romance series has a new look and new series name – The Lavender Cottage Series (aka The Narrowboat Romance Series)

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Believing Her Lies – Book 3  Coming February 2020

Prelude to Sophie’s War – A captivating historical novel of love and loss

Prelude to Sophie’s War  is now available through international distributor for overseas fans. An alternative to Amazon, check out your local bookstore and make a request.

Listen to an excerpt click here..YouTube 

Online retailers

Save Some For Me  – And what about you?

Could you survive an abusive man and raise five children alone?

This was a brave, insightful, revealing, and well written book of what must be one of the hardest experiences any person can go through. The courage and grace with which you tell this story is a truly affective reading experience…….  Judge’s commentary: Writer’s Digest  

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Available in paperback or e-book.

Remember Ruins in Silk? The prequel to The Sackville Hotel Trilogy.

Well, it is also the prequel to Prelude to Sophie’s War, young Sophie in Ruins in Silk has grown up, left The Sackville Hotel and her story continues in London as she trains to be a nurse.

Free download from Kobo and most Online retailers

The Sackville Hotel Trilogy – Ebook Box Set                  New cover

She defies Edwardian protocol. Avoids marriage – for a while – but loves twice. Anna’s epic story of a strong woman’s determination and courage spans two continents and three decades.

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Classic trilogy, historical, family saga, from the drawing rooms of the Edwardian era to ruthless spies of the 60s Cold War. More details 

The Blue Pendant              Anna’s Legacy                 Sarah’s choice

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