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I hate Laundry Day!

My heart races, she’s leaving me, I hear the apartment door open and the cart trundle…

I hate laundry day, really I do, Miss Penny speaking

The morning starts out as normal. I sleep in while Susan makes coffee. As soon as she pours the coffee I sit up and wait for Susan to pick me up for a cuddle. We settle in the office to start the morning writing. (Susan will tell you about that in Susan’s news later today.)

So, back to laundry day. I get a sense something is going on when the laundry is sorted. Susan fools me with the routine and then, when it is too late the office door is closes. I’m all alone! My heart races, she’s leaving me, I hear the apartment door open and the cart trundled out and click the door closes.

She left me! But, wait, she’s back that didn’t take long. Then I realize it’s laundry day, lots of going in and out. This calls for extreme trembling, tail between my legs and the saddest expression I can muster. 

I know she’s going to leave me!

I do get some warning. Susan sets the timer between washes and drying so when I hear the ping-ping I can get ready and then, if I’m really fast I can scoot out of the door, just as she opens it. Well, you guessed it, Susan catches me, dumps me in the office and off she goes again.  After this happens several times, I am traumatized and would welcome messages of comfort. All I get from Susan is comments that I’m overreacting. I guess she’s forgotten she left me for a long time while she was in England.

Huh! Now she expects me to talk about her writing. Oh, I don’t need to do that today. Susan says to just give you the link to the latest Susan’s reader Group News. 

Psst! It wasn’t all bad, I did get a treat.

Licks and cuddles

Miss Penny

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