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Genes, Jeans & Burying

Miss Penny plays with words and look out for Summer Reading it’s time to rest read and relax.

Genes, jeans and burying, Miss Penny speaking.

I am a dog, well sort of, I am convinced I have some human genes, but I do like to bury things. Speaking of genes this story is about jeans the kind you wear. 

The dog part of my gene pool likes to dig holes and bury things, either to save for later or to hide from thieves-you just never know who’s hanging around. Now, this is great if you have a garden but we live in a condo apartment, and the dust-bunnies under the bed don’t count. Oops! Susan says we don’t have dust-bunnies. Well, that’s not true remember I’m little and at eye level there are lots. Anyway, they are no good for burying. I improvise and bury things in my bed or blanket, the covering up part is a challenge in my bed but the blanket works okay. Every now and then a great burying site comes my way. Psst! Here’s where the jeans come in.

I want to bury it in the pocket

Susan’s not keen on chews in her bed – I wonder why?

I was wandering around at bedtime deciding whether to take my chew to bed, Susan’s not keen on chews in bed but it is a great place to bury things. Then, I spotted Susan’s jeans on the floor, aha, lots of folds and pockets here. So, there I am in the middle of burying my chew when Susan starts laughing and quickly removed her jeans, the wet chew fell out of the pocket, and after a few tut-tuts she threw them in the laundry basket. I was rather annoyed so I ate my chew. 

I am getting the evil eye as this story has nothing to do with my job as author’s assistant or Susan’s writing or books. Susan’s books click here

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The next weeks special is great for summer reading at the cottage or beach,

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coming next week When Love Ends Romance Begins Book 1 of the Lavender Cottage Novels and stay tuned as the week after she is thinking about offering Christmas in July that would be Book 2 Christmas at Lavender Cottage,  Ugh… not sure about that.

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