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Pale Penny

How my black fur can change colour and make me look pale is absurd, Miss Penny speaking. 

How my black fur can change colour and make me look pale is absurd, Miss Penny speaking. 

Susan says, I look pale, so I am coddled, cuddled and get extra loving. I’ll take it, actually I need it as I am not feeling well.

First, I go through the trauma of watching Susan put lipstick on—that means she’s going out or it could mean a Zoom meeting, but I prepare myself for the worst, being left alone. 

Today, Susan puts my coat on.

We are going out together, this is exciting. Oh, I forgot. That means the car and you folks know what I think about the car and that is not all. When we reach our first destination, she gets out and leaves me in the car. This is not what I expected. I pant and I even cry a bit, but no one can hear me. Phew! Susan comes back and off we go in the car again, more panting. 

We stop again, and this place looks familiar. Susan takes me out of the car, I’m happy my tail wags and this nice lady greets me with ‘ah, isn’t she cute’ so I trot after her, still wagging my tail and then… it hits me, I recognize the smell.

Oh no, we are at Liston Animal Hospital!

I didn’t see that coming. I am poked and prodded and then the needle appears; I try to crawl into Susan’s arms but she holds me still and allows this once nice but now, not-so-nice-lady to jab a needle into me, followed by another jab, two needles and something in my mouth. Yuck! Psst! Then I’m offered a treat. I turn my nose up, as if a treat makes up for the humiliation. 

No more stops. We finally get home and I feel sleepy after such a traumatic day. After my nap I don’t feel well. What did the not-so-nice-lady do to me? Susan says it’s a reaction to the needles and I will feel better soon. She wraps me in her cardigan and puts me on my pillow and I sleep until I feel better. 

Lick and cuddles Miss Penny

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