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Pass the Penny

Miss Penny shares her eventful holiday season, from feeling ignored to enduring a trying stay with her pug cousins. However, she becomes the center of attention, on Christmas Day as she relishes the concept of ‘pass the Penny’.

Faces and moods of Miss Penny

Pass the Penny. Do you get it?

Maybe not. Miss Penny speaking this is my attempt at being cute and clever; a cover up for not having written a blog since before Christmas.

In my defence, life with Susan has been a madhouse in the last month. Susan was frantically writing to finish our latest book and prepare it for the editor. Cooking, shopping and wrapping for Christmas and you know what that means? 

You got it. I’m ignored and shoved in my bed and left alone while she goes out. I hate that.

Abandoned & unloved Penny

Sympathy and compassion are appreciated here because there is more.

I kid you not. I endured a long car ride and six days with my pug cousins, Lily and Lola. Are you getting the picture? 

Yep, another visit to the cottage. I’m a wreck. I can’t eat because Lily and Lola will bug me. Don’t be fooled. They may look innocent and sleepy but they are not.

Pug cousins: Lily & Lola

Susan takes my dinner to the bedroom and closes the door. I can still hear them snorting outside. Finally, I’m hungry and eat. 

My walks were no better. It poured rain, yep you heard right, rain not snow, miserable rain and I got wet. I don’t like being wet. 

At the cottage. New Year’s Eve bonfire. No snow!!

Eventually, as I was losing it, another car ride. We are going home. I’m thankful to be back in my routine. 

What’s that? Oh, you want to know what all this has to do with ‘pass the penny’?

Well, that happened Christmas Day. Oh boy, was that ever a terrific day. Susan made Christmas dinner, turkey and the trimmings and the apartment was full of my favourite people. Rose, Papa Pierre and Julien, JB and Will, Karoline and David and this is where ‘pass the penny’ comes in. 

Many years ago, long before my time, when the kids were young and there was often a new baby in the family. Psst! Susan has a large family. 

Everyone wanted to hold, cuddle and play with the new adorable bundle. The baby would be passed from one person to the next. Hence, the term ‘pass the baby’.

All ready for a cuddle

Do you get it? It’s not difficult.

Me, adorable cute Miss Penny, was picked up and cuddled and played with as I went from one person to the next.

Pass the baby – Pass the Penny! Do you get it now?

Oh, I’m being told I’m being self-indulgent. Psst! Me, self-indulgent. Really! 

However, as author assistant, I will update our progress in the writing world before I close.

Lavender Cottage Book 5 is at the editors as we speak. The cover reveal, designed by Rose, I love keeping things in the family, will be announced soon with the release date.

Ideas are bubbling for at least two new books, a historical fiction and … drum roll please… A Dog with a Blog Volume 2.   Are you surprised?

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Licks, woofs and love Miss Penny

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  1. Sylvia Barr says:

    Mitchell and I enjoy your blog. Nice to hear you had a lovely Christmas. Sorry to say I have not read Susan’s latest book due to my “brain drain” But my goal this year is to try and get back to reading an activity I really enjoy.
    Wishing you both a happy and healthy 2024

    1. Susan says:

      Nice to hear from you, Mitchel. Miss Penny loves writing her blog and enjoys meeting you on our walks.

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