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Toys for Me?

In a humorous blog post, a dog named Miss Penny expresses her disappointment when new toys brought home by her owner, Susan, turn out to be Christmas gifts for other dogs. However, she eventually receives one, much to her delight.

Toys for Me!

The many faces of Miss Penny

Susan came home the other day with a bag of toys.

Miss Penny speaking honestly, I kid you not. There were two squeaky chickens, red fluffy socks, probably not toys, but, oh boy, I love those fluffy socks. A plush toy that looks like a cat, that was a bit insulting. I don’t like cats, but I love plush toys.

As Susan took each item out of the bag, I got very excited and jumped up and down, waiting for something to come in my direction.

Nothing happened. I know hard to believe.

She lay each toy on the table. She even squeaked one chicken right in my face and when I went to grab it, she put it back on the table. 

Do you know what she said to me, unbelievable, “Those are Christmas presents for … wait for it … Lily and Lola.”

Well, I guess my sad, insulted, hurt, very hurt look must have got to Susan because she picked up the yellow chicken and gave it to me. It makes a very loud squeak. As happy as I am to have a new toy, I’m still hurt. 

Small chicken makes a lot of noise
I know I need a hair cut – Don’t judge.

Psst! I chomped on that chicken and had it squeaking so loud she put her fingers in her ears. 

My next move is to get the plush toy off the table. I’m too little to jump up, but the other squeaky chicken is right at the edge. If I get my paws on the chair, I might reach it. 

Hee-hee! Can you imagine how much noise two squeaky chickens would make, especially as Susan is frantically writing?

Yep, I’m a bit peeved, not just because of the toys, although I do deserve a treat, but because I am being ignored.

Susan is on the last chapter of Is the Doctor In? Book 5 of the Lavender Cottage series. It’s a good story. I’ve been doing my job and listening. Susan will announce the release date after Christmas. 

I’m cuddled up next to Susan on the couch. I can’t stay mad for long. I asked Santa to bring me a new plush toy, preferably not a cat. Lily and Lola can have the chickens.

One more blog before Christmas.

Licks and tail wags

Miss Penny

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P.P.S. Want more info on Susan’s books and More news at Susan’s Reader News and website

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