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Bootie Time

This morning I was happy, Susan put on my red coat and my leash and off we went for our morning walk.

Bootie Time

The different faces of Miss Penny

Further to my last blog, Miss Penny speaking about winter doggie attire, I have to add booties. Just the word bootie sets me on edge. However it is the lessor of two evils. The evil is the white stuff. Cold white snow and stinging sharp pebbles of road salt. 

I hate the booties,

my paw is crammed into these little pink things and then an elastic is pulled tight around my leg, one of these days my paw will drop off.

This morning I was happy, Susan put on my red coat and my leash and off we went for our morning walk.

Did you guess what she forgot?

Right. My pink booties. I trot up the driveway, it’s a little chilly but not bad. At least there’s no wind blowing up my butt and I don’t have booties on.

I walk up into the snow. Oh did I tell you we’ve had a lot of snow this week. I don’t mind the snow. I can stick my nose in it and it’s cool and refreshing. I’m tempted to roll in it, but change my mind, it’s too cold. 

Miss Penny’s Winter Attire

My paws start to get cold, so I move out of the snow onto the sidewalk.

Oh … and then it hits me. Pain in my back paw, it stings something awful. Salt, the City of Ottawa seems to think big clumps of salt are needed on dry, snow free paths, go figure. I’m a dog, but even I can figure that much salt is not necessary. 

Psst! Don’t tell Susan but I’m wishing I had my booties.

That’s it I can’t walk. I dig my heels in, paws up and a sad, pain stricken face. I refuse to move. Susan picks me up by my harness, not very dignified but at least I’m out of the salt.

We are home now and back to work.

It’s close to Christmas and Susan is behind. Okay, I know I don’t usual sell on my blog, but Susan needs a hand, she’s behind with Christmas promotion.

We have three books that are good for gifts. 

Christmas at Lavender Cottage – Bonus of Susan’s recipes. Get your book

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Drum roll please…. I’ve saved the best to last.

My very own book. If you like my blog, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know if you are reading this you like my blog, then you will adore my book…

A Dog with a Blog – Miss Penny Speaking – Get my book

Perfect gifts, treat yourself, Miss Penny says you deserve it and share with friends.

Licks and tail wags

Miss Penny

Miss Penny Speaking, Susan's Readers Group

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