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It’s that Time of the Year!

By the time we got up to Carling Avenue, I was cold. At least that’s our short walk. I really wasn’t up to going to the park.

It’s that time of the year again, Miss Penny speaking.

Doggie coats and doggie booties, although so far I’ve been saved from the humiliation of the boots.

Earlier this week, we prepared for our first big snowfall. News anchors warned of at least 10cm, which isn’t much for us, but there was a threat of freezing rain too. 

Smart doggie coat – No booties, yet

 Susan was in a tizzy because her son was driving back from Toronto. Psst! She worries too much. 

Anyway, not much happened, a couple of centimetres maybe. We put on our winter coats and set out for our morning walk.

My paws felt cold in the wet snow, and the salty stuff that melts the ice gets between my toes and it stings. Don’t tell Susan or she’ll make me wear those booties. 

By the time we got up to Carling Avenue, I was cold. At least that’s our short walk. I really wasn’t up to going to the park. 

I’m shivering my butt is cold, you can guess why, and my paws hurt. I stopped walking.

Now, I weigh 7 1/2 lbs, but I have the strength of Wonder Dog. I’ve no idea who Wonder Dog is, but if humans can have strong heroes like Wonder Women, so can dogs. 

I am not moving and no amount of tugging or pulling my lead will make me walk.

I shiver some more, put on a sad face, look at Susan or any passerby for sympathy, and gently raise my front paw and wait. 

I know, not exactly the picture of Wonder Dog hero, but it works. Susan picks me up, holds me tight and brushes the salt off my paws. Now, we continue our walk, well not exactly. I’m not walking. Susan does the walking. 

To be honest, I’m not too keen on winter weather.

I don’t like the cold, wearing winter coats and I draw the line at boots. Yep, they keep my paws warm and stop the salt from stinging, but if Susan carries me; I don’t need them. Right?

Susan tells me Wonder Dogs wear them.

Working dogs pulling sleighs in the Arctic. Hum! Maybe I need to rethink this. I like the idea of being a hero.

A hero in one of Susan’s books sounds good. I mentioned before Lavender Cottage has four dogs in the series. I’m not one of them. 

Oh, I almost forgot …

… the first draft of Lavender Cottage Book 5 is almost finished. About time. Psst! Maybe if you suggested I appear in this book, Susan might listen. It’s not too late.

Licks and cuddles

Miss Penny

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