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What a Day?!

Susan endured a hectic week of book editing and launch planning, while Miss Penny, her assistant, dealt with a disliked chilly car ride and grooming session.

What a Day?!

I kid you not, Miss Penny speaking. A day of all the things I hate. Susan says I’m behaving like a drama queen. 

Well, it was a tough day at the end of a busy author week. 

Susan worked nonstop, editing, cover design, (the new book and the new covers for The Sackville Hotel Trilogy) book launch planning, for the new Lavender Cottage book, and the list goes on. 

It’s cold -27c Dressed for the cold

You guessed it. Not only am I busy as Susan’s assistant, but I’m ignored. Oh, did I mention how cold it is? -27 with the wind chill and we are going out.

I am put in the car, and you know my feelings about car rides, so I whine and shiver. Susan yells at me. Yes, she does. We get to the place and we can’t park, it’s full of cars. 

Suddenly, I realize where we are. Oh, no! Can the day get any worse? We are at Pet A Gree, the groomer. I did not see that coming.

I turn my trembling machine to full blast and look sad. It doesn’t help. 

Instead of sympathy, Susan embarrasses me by telling Joni I am a mess. My fur is rather long and I have a few tangles, but did she have to advertise it?

Psst! Don’t tell Susan, but I like Joni. I can’t say I like the bath, but the grooming is okay.

Oops! Sorry about Susan’s sock. I’m sitting on he lap for the photo.

What do you think? The pink bow adds class and suits my Princess Penny image. 

That’s all for today, folks. Perhaps a curtsy to Princess Penny. Too much? Okay, the usual.

Licks and fast tail wags

Miss Penny

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P.P.S. For more news about the new covers and book launch, see the latest edition of Susan’s Reader Group News. 

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Miss Penny Speaking, Susan's Readers Group

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