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Seeing is Believing!

Seeing is believing, Miss Penny speaking. Sometime gifts drop my way, usually stuff I’m not supposed to have. The other day I was under Susan’s feet, a place where I frequently hang out and regularly get yelled at. Susan doesn’t look where

New plaything, sniff!

she’s going and trips over me, even steps on my paw and that smarts. But, get this, I get the blame for being in the way. Can you believe that? Anyway, Susan is sorting her vitamins and I’m wondering why I don’t get vitamins and then this little container drops in my path. I give it a sniff, it smells weird, maybe I don’t like vitamins. There was nothing inside but it was a neat shape. I grab hold of it with my teeth and gave it a good shake, then bat it around with my paw. Spoil sport, Susan takes it away, said it wasn’t safe. I can’t figure that out? Maybe it had something to do with not seeing too well. Did I tell you she broke her glasses? That was my fault too.

Not going to mend those!

Coming back from our walk she dropped my leash, glanced down to find it and step on it so I wouldn’t run away, as if….? Her glasses were perched on top of her mask, those funny things everyone wears these days, they fell off and guess what she stamped on? Yep, her glasses and believe it or not I got the blame. Susan says I’m being dramatic, perhaps! I’ll let you decide. Oh, here comes the evil eye, except there is little writing to report this week. But she has redesigned the covers for the Lavender Cottage Novels and they are spectacular. But for the rest of the week Susan has been embroiled in one of Bryan Cohen’s, Best Page Forward, Amazon ad Challenges. Psst! Between no writing, honestly not one word, and Amazon messing up the formatting on one of her books she is very cranky. Cranky means more cuddles for me, so its not all bad. Next week will be better Heart of Sophie’s War will be back. If you’d like to know more about Sophie, and you love historical fiction, Click here e- copy of Ruins in Silk -The prequel and learn about Sophie’s young life in Italy and England.

Courage, Tragedy & Triumph

And of course there is Book 1 Prelude to Sophie’s War, Sophie as a nurse probationer as Zeppelins attacked and bomb London.

can she stay sane and survive?

Read Prelude to Sophie’s War while you wait for the sequel – London 1915, German Zeppelin attacks are not the only thing Sophie battles at Bartley Hospital. Will her courage be enough to keep her sane and alive?

The Blue Pendant and Book 2 Anna’s Legacy  Book 3 Sarah’s Choice   All ebooks and paperbacks on Amazon. Please, pretty please take a minute and write a review after you read the books. Thank you!

If you like the elegance of Edwardian society, bold characters, and decades-spanning adventures, then you’ll love this historical fiction.

The Sackville Hotel Trilogy – Ebook Box Set      Click here for details  

She defies Edwardian protocol. Avoids marriage, but loves twice. Anna’s epic story of a strong woman’s determination and courage spans two continents and three decades.

Classic trilogy, historical, family saga, from the drawing rooms of the Edwardian era to ruthless spies of the 60s Cold War.

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New release…… Believing Her Lies – A Lavender Cottage Book (3)  Amazon  

Lavender Cottage Novel 1 When Love Ends Romance Begins 


Save Some for Me – A single mother’s memoir

Could you survive an abusive man and raise five children alone?

This was a brave, insightful, revealing, and well written book of what must be one of the hardest experiences any person can go through. The courage and grace with which you tell this story is a truly affective reading experience…….  Judge’s commentary: Writer’s Digest  

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