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Guess Where I am … Again!

Snippet: Miss Penny recounts her escapades with pug cousins at a cottage, navigating awkward encounters.

Guess Where I am … Again!

I knew something was up when Susan packed our bags and we got into Glenda’s car.  My pug cousins were in the back, a bit disconcerting. It turned out fine, they slept in the back and I sat on Susan knee.

Miss Penny speaking. We are at Frank and Glenda’s cottage and you know what that means. Pug cousins!

Susan thinks I will get used to my cousins. Dream on Susan. Lily is okay we just ignore each other. However, Lola is a different story. If she doesn’t get her nose out of my face, and my butt I might just snap at her. The problem is Susan would get mad with me and she keeps suggesting I be friendly.

Ignore I can do, if Lola lets me. Friendly never.

Just Checking it out

The cottage is okay, and the walks are interesting not many squirrels but lots of exciting smells. I did get the scent of rabbit but haven’t see any. Deer, come here too, but they are big. I don’t mind big dogs but deer might be too much.

Susan is writing and I’m allowed to sit next to her on the couch. I curl up in the corner so Lola doesn’t bug me. I’m not much of an assistant here as I have to stay alert. 

Hey good news for fans of Lavender Cottage. Susan is making progress, exciting twists and some new characters in book five. 

Psst! I’m getting the evil eye. No spoilers, Susan says. 

That’s it for today folks, here comes Lola pestering me again. I’m a nervous wreck and can’t wait to get home. If you want more check out previous blogs.

Licks, woofs and cuddles

Miss Penny

P.S. Sorry for the short blog today. If you want more take a look at my book  A Dog with a Blog click here

Oops! I forgot Susan’s Reader News is out tomorrow Click here Don’t click until 8 am tomorrow.

Miss Penny Speaking, Susan's Readers Group

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