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Guarding the Knitting

Miss Penny, the sassy dog, hilariously recounts her annoyance with Susan’s knitting. From cramped couch space to unraveled mishaps and colorful language, Miss Penny navigates Susan’s battle between writing and the quirks of yarn. Along with a dog’s quest for attention in the midst of clickity-clack chaos and the unraveling of Susan’s knitting plans.
Leave me be. I’m sleeping!

What? Guarding the knitting?

Has Susan gone completely nuts? Miss Penny speaking. I hate knitting. You can see from the picture I am squished between where Susan sits, the knitting bag, TV remote and knitting pattern. And did I mention the laptop on her knee. Not much room for me and no chance of petting or cuddles. 

The knitting comes out in the evening and sometimes on Sunday afternoon. I squeeze into Susan’s side on the couch or if the laptop isn’t there, which is often the case if she’s knitting. I crawl onto her lap.

Then it starts; click, click, clickity click, the sound of the knitting needles in my ear. I give an enormous sigh and a shudder. The shudder is because of the yarn stretched across my back and tickles my fur as she knits. 

And, that’s not all, the cursing is extraordinary.

My way of putting it nicely. It usually starts about halfway through the evening. The clicking stops, and a mild ‘darn’ is expressed, then a frantic counting of stitches, not one time but more like a dozen times. Each time, the counting gets louder, more frantic. The knitting starts going backwards as she undoes a row of stitches. 

It goes calm. I go back to sleep. The problem seems to be resolved. The clicking starts again. Not for long. Words come out of Susan’s mouth that are not fit for my delicate ears. I stare at her. Is she mad at me? What did I do? It’s not my fault. I hate knitting.

Next, I am covered in a mountain of crinkly yarn.

Yep, she just unraveled an entire night’s worth of knitting and now she starts again. The stitch counting is loud and deliberate. There will be no mistakes this time. Ha! We hope.

Just to be clear, Susan knits when she’s not writing or working on marketing the books. She calls it a hobby. I call it a test of wills. Will it be Susan or will it be the knitting? 

Hey, the good news is Lavender Cottage Book 5 is gaining momentum and is past the halfway mark. A book full of romance, mystery and the everyday lives of a people and dogs like you and me. There are four dogs in this book and not one of them is me. I see this as a problem. Don’t you?

Licks, tail wags and woofs

Miss Penny

P.S. If you would like to see me featured in one of Susan’s books, click reply tell her. Be forceful and demanding. Psst! I could do with your help. By the way check out my book. A Dog with a Blog

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