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Innocence & Socks!

Innocent and mischievous Miss Penny, Susan’s charming author assistant, weaves a tale of playful rebellion, having fun with socks and mastering the art of diversion.

Miss Penny speaking. Susan has been busy this week, which means I get bored and sulky. 

I’m the picture of innocence, don’t you agree?

Most of you know that being ignored annoys me. Susan forgets who’s the boss sometimes; that’s when I get playful, looking for attention. 

I like to play. Bouncing the ball is fun  Susan says I get rambunctious, now that’s a new word added to my vocabulary. I whine when the ball rolls under the furniture. As I mentioned she’s busy so I get ‘the look’ believe me it’s quite scary. 

What can I do next. Socks! I love socks.

I help Susan pull them off her feet at night. She wouldn’t thank me to pull them off now. I’ll sneak into the bedroom and see if there are any on the floor. I’m on luck. 

She’s still busy, there’s a herd of people inside her laptop, the Zoom thing. I’ll never understand how people get into a laptop. Big changes are a foot. Talk about Amazon and algorithm, way over my head. As Susan’s assistant I should probably be in the office paying attention to the Zoom meeting. 

Psst! not a chance, socks are more fun.

Susan has two feet so there are two socks, not four like me; feet that is. I only wear socks in the winter. I start with one and give it a good shake, then the other one.  Oh boy, that feels good. Keeping my eye on the office I take them to my bed in the living room. 

Oh no, Susan is calling me.

Trust me!

I’m usually in my office bed or on her knee when she’s working, she knows I’m  missing. At least she’s paying attention. Um, the socks? She won’t notice.

That’s it for today folks.

Licks, woofs and doggie cuddles

Miss Penny

P.S. Oh, are you asking, what’s happening at  Love for Fine Stories? Next edition of Susan Reader News  ‘It’s a bit Corny!’ Strange title. Check it out on Sunday  or if you prefer subscribe and get it delivered to your mailbox. Psst! Sometimes you get free stuff.

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