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Miss Penny Velcroed

I am miffed not a happy puppy. Oh yes, I was home with Susan, all cozy and nice, settling into my routine.

Remember the blog ‘I’m Home!’ That was very deceptive.

I am miffed!

I am miffed not a happy puppy. Oh yes, I was home with Susan, all cozy and nice, settling into my routine.

Psst! The walks were a bit odd. 

Not only does Susan walk with a walker, but she limps and is sooooo .. slow. Her ankle is taking a long time to heal. Honestly, I try to understand. I can’t imagine what it’s like only having two feet and when one isn’t working, you’re kind of stuck, hopping, or limping. I have the advantage of having four feet. Missing one would be okay. Maybe? 

However, my walks are important. I need to sniff and find just the right place to you-know-what. I’ll be glad when she’s better.

Anyway, back to why I’m miffed. Last week, we had a visit from Papa Pierre and Julien. Oh boy, was I excited! And then, truly, you won’t believe this. Susan puts me in Papa Pierre’s truck and he drives away to his house. She abandoned me. Again! 

Now, I like it with Rose and Papa Pierre, although I have to put up with Frannie and Rupert. The good thing is they don’t live there but visit a lot. I’m still the princess, so I tolerate it.

I am back home again but clinging to Susan like Velcro.

She is not going anywhere without me. Sometimes I get locked n the bedroom but when that happened I know she’s coming back. I still sulk and use the sad eyes to make her feel guilty. But, I learned my lesson. I am very cautious when even people I know try to pick me up. I make a beeline to Susan. 

I don’t care if she’s trying to work. I am staying right here!

Okay, so now I need to be attached to Susan all the time. I have to touch her. That’s on her knee, cuddled next to her on the couch, at her heels or snuggled up in bed.

 I’m sorry to say they said Susan’s ankle was too sore to walk me. Hum, that’s the excuse they gave. Huh! I hear things, and that’s only part of the story. I know she went to a wedding and attended a big BBQ here at home while I was away. So, I question how much her ankle was really hurting. 

 I am seeing signs of getting more writing done. This week we were very busy getting the promo ready for the audio books. I need to brush up on my assistant skills. 

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Licks and tail wags

Miss Penny

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