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I’m Home!

So, this morning I dug my paws in and made Susan walk down the hill. Hooray!

I’m home! Miss Penny speaking.

Yep, finally home with Susan. Rose and Pierre drove me back on Friday. I was so happy to see Susan. There’s just one problem, that I did not see coming and I should know better. After we had tea and treats, it was Rose’s birthday, they left. I need to find away to keep everyone together, because now I miss Rose and Pierre. The solution is simple, move in together. Sad to say I was told that wasn’t possible. I’ll keep working on it. Any suggestion, from my doggy or people friends?

Happy to be home

So, things are a bit different.

As you know Susan fell and broke her ankle, that was soooo traumatic. The good news is she’s getting better and can walk now, well sort of. Susan walks with this machine called a walker for support and balance. Good thing, no more falls. But for me it’s a nuisance it gets in the way of my sniffing and wondering on the grass verge. My leash gets tangled in the wheels. 

Yesterday’s walks were much too short.

So, this morning I dug my paws in and made Susan walk down the hill. Hooray! She made it. Psst! Somewhat frustrating and very slow. but I’m trying to be patient. Then I really pushed her to walk to the park. I may be small but when I decided I want to go somewhere, Susan doesn’t have a chance. 

We made it to Britannia Park where I almost caught a squirrel, but the darn thing ran up a tree. We had a long rest and watched a rabbit. It just sat still and stared at me. I couldn’t resist and made a run for it, nearly choked on my collar, I missed. An exciting morning.

 Psst! Susan did look a bit peaky when we got home. However, that’s not all bad, because she was tired, after the walk. I got a treat and she poured an extra coffee and we cuddled on the sofa. 

I have discovered that it doesn’t matter whose house I’m in, if I mope around and look sad I get whispers of sweet nothings and really good cuddles. I can keep it up for quite sometime. I’m staying close to Susan, so she doesn’t run off again. Heehee! Not much chance right now, but I’m not talking any chances. I’m sitting right here as Susan types the blog.

The black fur ball is me.

Licks and cuddles

Miss Penny

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