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Wow! What a Week

Wow! What a week, Miss Penny speaking.

Susan wasn’t kidding when she said we were back to work. Seriously, the activities this week have interfered with my naps and cuddle time. We’re still working in the living room but I see signs of returning to the office.

You know what that means? I am delegated to my bed when Susan is working at her desk. Oh, I’m still close but not velcroed. I have a comfy bed in the office but it’s not same. I prefer to be touching Susan.

Miss Penny

What made matters worse was Susan coming and going. Oh, did I mention she is driving again and she’s happy about that. I can’t say I am; I hate the car and it’s a mess; dusty and dirty and it wouldn’t start.

Susan called CAA , the first guy got it going but then it stopped. He suggested a tow, but then another guy came, no tow because he got it going. He told us to drive around for half an hour to charge the battery. 

Now, I can tolerate the car, with a few moans and whines, if we are going somewhere special but just driving around is not for me. I prefer walking, the longer the better and my walking time has been limited lately.

But, the smart dog that I am, I figured out that if I delay…

… squatting, for you-know-what, we go for much longer walks. After being subjected to a long useless drive with no treat at the end I used this tactic and even chased a couple of squirrels. It worked but eventually I was hustled back to work. Dealing with the car had put us behind.

Remember our new assistant Tanya?

Well, I think she’s okay. She worked with Susan on the latest Susan’s Reader News and the Kobo special. Did I tell you about that? I know I talked about audio books, and here they are …GIVE IT A TRY with this amazing Kobo special.

Three audio books for the price of one. I kid you not! Just give it a click.

JUST ONE CLICK- The Sackville Hotel Trilogy – Kobo Special

Don’t have a Kobo Reader, not a problem? Download the Kobo app to your tablet, laptop or phone. It’s free and easy, even I can do it and remember I’m a dog—sort of.

Sorry, I know this is a bit salesy for me but it’s too good an offer to pass up. Psst! The books are  5 star good. They deserve to do well.

Doggie licks and woofs

Miss Penny

P.S. Do you need the Kobo App?

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