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Ah! …A New Comfy Bed!

Honestly, I have died and gone to heaven. Soooo…comfy!

Ah … A comfy new bed, Miss Penny Speaking.

My new bed is called a donut. No! Not the kind you eat, although donuts would make a nice snack between writing sessions. The boss, Susan, is writing up a storm at the moment, something about a deadline at the end of September. She’d better get a move on as I only see 50k words and another 30k to go. Psst! ‘I think she over committed.’ 

I’m doing okay sleeping. You need to get writing, remember the deadline!

What? I’m sleeping, it is too comfy to move

So, I have two new beds, one for the living room and one for the office.

Honestly, I have died and gone to heaven. Soooo…comfy! The beds are round and fluffy, with this convenient hollow in the middle—that’s where the donut shape comes in. Not sure the fluffy part has anything to do with donuts but it is a perfect size and I feel warm and safe, curled up right in the middle. I liked it so much I fetched my ball put it in bed with me. Once I’ve napped I can play ball. The only draw back is it’s not big enough for Susan to curl up with me. Um! No, that would be weird. I’ll stick to Susan’s big bed at night.

That’s all today, a word of warning, I go to the groomer this week, so I might be cranky.

Love and doggy licks

Miss Penny

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