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Scaredie-cat, that is what Susan called me yesterday, insulted Miss Penny speaking. I don’t think it’s even a word and you know how I feel about cats. I don’t dislike cats, they are furry and about my size but they have attitude and


hiss. But what that has to do with me is puzzling. I figured out the scaredie part, it means scared and it is not a real word. Really Susan should know better. Skittish is another word she’s used, at least that has no reference to cats. Here’s the thing, I am cautious if I hear unusual sounds, I’m immediately on high alert and I stare at the door, this could be someone or something ready to attack. Sometimes when we are coming back from our walks I hear strange noises from

On guard

the other apartment doors. I stop so I can ascertain whether there is danger lurking behind those doors. That’s when I hear skittish. I’m not skittish I’m guarding and protecting and if I’m shaking with my tail down, I’m not afraid, I’m building up the courage to attack should I be needed. Outside on our walks is mostly fun, I sniff a lot and meet other dogs and try to chase squirrels but every now and then it can be tricky. Yesterday, I spotted a large brown oval thing. I kid you not it was as big as me. Susan laughed and made me walk by it and that’s the

Honest, it looked bigger!

day she called me scaredie-cat; in public I was mortified. Psst! Don’t tell Susan but I was embarrassed it turned out to be an oversized football. I know dogs are supposed to protect their owners but I think I prefer being Princess Penny and assistant to Susan the author, although it has not escaped my attention that I am not mentioned in Susan’s Reader Group News, click here for last weeks publication or Here to subscribe.

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